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Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu

Dernière mise à jour : 27 juil. 2023

Auto Accident Repair Service, Collision, and Windshield Replacement

At Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu, our highly skilled bodywork technicians provide exceptional vehicle reconditioning services. Whether it's repairing a cracked windshield or handling complete accident repairs, we are committed to delivering top-notch customer service for both new and used vehicle owners.

Situated on the South Shore of Montreal, Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu takes pride in offering bodywork services to the residents of Richelieu, Chambly, Marieville, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Carignan, Rougemont, Saint-Césaire, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Iberville, Beloeil, McMasterville, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and Otterburn Park for over 60 years.

Our primary focus at Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu (Carrosserie André Raymond) is providing exceptional customer service. We adhere to a rigorous 4-step procedure (Help-Evaluate-Repair-Give back) to ensure the excellence of our services. We start by offering assistance with any concerns or inquiries you may have. Whether it's arranging the towing of your damaged vehicle or handling insurance claims, we are here to support you. We collaborate with all insurance companies to better serve you. Afterward, we perform a thorough inspection to assess the collision damage. We always make sure to review the estimated repairs with you to ensure they meet your needs. The repair process then commences, including dent removal, structural repairs, painting, polishing, and other techniques to eliminate any signs of damage. We use premium parts and tools to ensure impeccable results. Our technicians also consult the onboard computer of your vehicle at various stages to ensure everything is in compliance. Some vehicles or components may require recalibration before delivery. The onboard computer can alert us to any electronic component malfunctions.

Giving Back the Vehicle

Finally, we meticulously clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle and conduct a final quality check to ensure nothing is overlooked. After all these steps, your vehicle is ready to be returned to you. We assure you that no traces of the accident or collision will remain.

Multi-Tasking Body Services

To simplify your repairs, Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu offers a wide range of services for comprehensive vehicle repairs.

Windshield Replacement -

We provide windshield replacement service for all makes of vehicles. A damaged windshield poses a safety risk, so it is essential to replace a cracked windshield as soon as possible.

If your vehicle's paint has been affected by a broken windshield or rust, our automotive painter can repaint damaged areas.

Protect your car from corrosion while preserving the environment.

We use BIO-PROGARD anti-rust treatment, a high-end biological treatment offering long-term protection at a competitive price. This treatment is even safe for hybrid vehicles. With its beige color, it provides a more subtle appearance and is less messy than the commonly used black grease.

Paintless Dent Removal

Minor dents?

The paintless dent removal technique is the perfect solution. It is economical, fast, and environmentally friendly as it does not require any product application. Our experienced technicians can remove small collision marks while preserving the original paint. This process is quick and cost-effective.

We Assist with Your Insurance Claim

Car Detailing -

Proper cosmetic maintenance is essential for your vehicle's value and longevity. Our detailing center restores your vehicle to pristine condition, offering services such as interior shampoo, engine shampoo, decontamination, polishing, waxing, paint touch-up, and exterior and interior wash.

Extended Schedule

With prior arrangements, we offer a flexible schedule beyond our official opening hours. By appointment, you can drop off or pick up your vehicle outside these hours, including late evenings or Saturdays.

Limousine Service

For extensive repairs, we provide over 40 courtesy vehicles for your personal trips. Additionally, our limousine service is available for smaller jobs to drive you home.


During body repairs, take advantage of interesting promotions in our other departments. For example, you receive a free mechanical inspection after completing body repairs with us. This ensures your vehicle is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. Trying our services will make you a satisfied customer.

Not Just a Body Shop

Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu offers several services for exceptional automotive care.

Car Sales specializes in the sale of used Subaru vehicles, reconditioned to high certification standards for your peace of mind. Our high-quality vehicles are offered at competitive prices.

For our inventory:

Automobile Mechanic

Autopro Raymond is a Napa AutoPro recommended maintenance and repair center, serving all brands and types of vehicles. From oil changes to engine rebuilds, we have your vehicle needs covered.

For more information on our mechanical service:

Tire Storage and Sales

Our tire storage and sales services make your life easier. Bring your vehicle, and we'll take care of the rest. As part of our Operation Pothole program, we recommend alignment during each tire change in the spring and fall to prevent premature wear.

Clef verte Certification

Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu is certified by the Green Key program. This certification ensures high standards of environmentally friendly practices verified by an independent third party, allowing consumers to make informed choices when selecting eco-friendly garages.

Family Business

Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu is a second-generation family business established in 1960. Over the years, we expanded our services, becoming known in the Richelieu region for (vehicle sales), Napa Autopro Raymond (automotive mechanics), and Carrosserie Raymond Chambly Richelieu (bodywork). Located initially on Petrozza Street (formerly Ostiguy Street) in Chambly, we later moved to 300 Boulevard Richelieu, Route 112, in Richelieu.


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